Digital Rebroadcast: Neighborhood Arts Cello Quartet, "Global Impressions 2022"

Block, Caballero, Christeson, McNeeley

This rebroadcast of a March 2022 performance will be available on February 2 at 2pm, for three months.

Read the original event'sĀ digital program book.

Featuring standout cellists from our Neighborhood Arts artist roster ensembles Soul Yatra Trio, Hub New Music, and Castle of our Skins, the members of the Neighborhood Arts Cello Quartet pair music by J.S. Bach, Mike Block, diverse composers and global folk-inspired originals.

Mike Block, Soul Yatra Trio
Javier Caballero, Castle of our Skins
Jesse Christeson, Hub New Music
Francesca McNeeley, Castle of our Skins


Latina Bandleaders, global percussion duos, and much more!

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Support for this performance is provided by these generousĀ Neighborhood Arts funders.