David Sedaris

Symphony Hall

There’s a reason that best-selling author and humorist David Sedaris continues to be one of Celebrity Series’ most popular events year after year. Even among those who don’t normally make a habit of seeing authors on tour, Sedaris is often the exception. He’s a beloved figure who never ceases to make a connection and leave an impression. 

With a fresh book on the horizon, you can expect to hear readings of new and unpublished stories—although, as regular attendees know, hearing Sedaris read any of his own work brings it to life in its own special way.

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“I mean, a clean show is fine, but no finer than a filthy one. Me, I like a nice balance.”

David Sedaris

“Sedaris has hit upon the narrative equivalent of Pepsi, or the PlayStation, or oxygen, or the haircut: something that others in the world might actually want and find useful. . . He’s smart, he’s caustic, he’s mordant, and, somehow, he’s… well, nice.”

Toronto Globe and Mail

“Sedaris belongs on any list of people writing in English at the moment who are revising our ideas about what’s funny.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Symphony Hall

301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

This performance is generously sponsored by
Eleanor & Frank Pao.

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