KODO (Canceled)

Symphony Hall

Ongoing restrictions on international travel and venue closures along tour stops many international companies and artists scheduled to tour in Winter/Spring of 2021 have now officially suspended their plans, including this performer.

Exploring the limitless possibilities of the taiko, the traditional Japanese drum, Kodo is forging new directions for a vibrant living art form. Since the group’s debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981, Kodo has given over 3,700 performances on five continents. Don’t miss this Boston favorite at Symphony Hall!

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“Superlatives don’t really exist to convey the primal power and bravura beauty of Kodo.”

Chicago Tribune

“The spectator is crushed by their power and then suddenly, silence. Complete silence as if life had stopped in an instant, no applause, not even a breath. I have never seen a show where the audience was so close to suffocating. Don’t miss this, the sound of their drums will be engraved forever on your memory.”

Le Quotidien de Paris

This performance is made possible in part by support from Celebrity Series LIVE PERFORMANCE! Arts for All Endowment Funds, with generous leadership support from Eleanor & Frank Pao.

Arts Society Members ($500) and above are invited to join us for complimentary refreshments pre-show and during intermission at select Symphony Hall performances. An official announcement will follow. Learn more about our Member Events.

Symphony Hall

301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston