What Makes it Great? with Rob Kapilow and the Verona Quartet

The Arc of Genius: Beethoven’s First and Last Quartets
NEC’s Jordan Hall

Beethoven’s first and last string quartets are among the most renowned landmarks in musical literature. These quartets revolutionized the genre, often confusing audiences of the time. With Rob Kapilow and the Concert Artist Guild-winning Verona Quartet as guides, audiences will gain a fresh perspective on these peaks among the musical mountains. In this special program, Rob and the award-winning Verona Quartet will take the audience on a journey, listening for the remarkable similarities as well as contrasts between Beethoven’s very first and very last string quartets.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Quartet in F Major, Opus 18 no. 1
I. Allegro con brio
III. Scherzo: Allegro molto

 Quartet in F Major, Opus 135 
I. Vivace
IV. Grave - ma non troppo tratto - Allegro

“Verona: Pure Joy.”

La Presse, Montreal

“You could practically see the light bulbs going on above people’s heads ... The audience could decipher the music in a new, deeper way. It was the total opposite of passive listening.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

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NEC’s Jordan Hall

30 Gainsborough Street, Boston

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