The Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts

This event has concluded. Thank you for your support of Celebrity Series!

The 2023 SHINE! Gala on Friday, May 12, 2023 celebrated the power of the performing arts to foster meaningful connection and collaboration in our increasingly divided world, and commemorated Celebrity Series’ vision to connect and inspire through our mission to bring the arts to everyone and everyone to the arts. The event was co-chaired by Amy & Ethan d'Ablemont Burnes and Teri Groome & Paul Belanger.

Thank you to all of our attendees and supporters for their generous support of the SHINE! Gala, listed below with a recap video of the event!

A recap of the 2023 SHINE! Gala...

Thank you to our 2023 SHINE! Gala Supporters

Anonymous (8), AAFCPAs, James E. Aisner, Alisha Alaimo & Dr. Neil Patel, John Alam & Sylvie Gregoire, Mystica Alexander, Jill & David Altshuler, Arreen Andrew, Leslie & Howard Appleby, AVFX, Monika Bach Schroeder & Christopher Schroeder, Dr. Gary Bailey, Joanne Barnes & Stephen Martin, Meryl Beckingham, Ronald & Myrna Bocage, Ed Boesel, in memory of Darrell Martinie, Amy & Joshua Boger, Kenneth & Robin Boger, Emily Borababy & Adam Einhorn, George Borababy & Sharon Zarozny, Boston Common Asset Management, Diana Bourgeois, Sara Brookner, Karen Brown & Michael Plum, Stephanie L. Brown, Maud & Bartley Bryt, Michelle M. Buckley, Courtney Ann Burke & Benjamin Summers, Rick Burnes, Michael & Adrianne Canning, Monica & Rick Cantelli, The Catered Affair, Maureen Cavanaugh & Mark Hunt, Fernadina Chan & Albert Wong, Jennifer Chao & Andrew Juran, Joanne & Larry Cheng, Drs. Lucy Chie & Justin Campbell, Heather Clark & Jeremy Bellion, Debra & Joseph Corrado, Jolyon Cowan & Vanessa Trien, James Crowley, Zoltan & Cristina Csimma, Dave Czesniuk & Meghan Mahoney, In honor of Amy d’Ablemont Burnes, Amy & Ethan d'Ablemont Burnes, Bruce Danzer & Tom Huth, Anne Doremus, Amy Dumas, Margaret Eagle, Jennifer Epstein & Bill Keravuori, Peter Finnegan & Joe Orfant, First Republic Bank, Gail Flatto, Judy Fleming, Emily Foster Day, Alexandra Fuchs & Gideon Argov, Kathleen & Chris Gaffney, Simon Gerlin, Get Konnected! , Drs. Joan & Alfred Goldbergd, Jill Greenthal & Tom Eisenmann, Garth & Lindsay Greimann, Kenneth Griffith, Teri Groome & Paul Belanger, Ryan & Atsu Gunther, Andrew Hack, Suzanne Hamill, Amanda Harring-Abbott & Andrew Abbott, Stephen Harrison & Tomas Kirchhausen, Paul & Kay Hartung, Robin Hauck, Randolph Hawthorne & Carliss Baldwin, Rebecca Hildebrand & Aaron Shafer, Betty Hillmon, Yvette & Lawrence Hochberg, Andrea & Fred Hoff, Blair Hollis, Ilisa Hurowitz & Nicholas Alexander, Heidi Hutton & Cap Kane, Emily Isenberg, David R. Janero & Jeffrey A. Thomson, Maurice Peter Joffe, Michael Kaiser, Rachel V. Kemp, Lisa Kirk Colburn, Dr. Michael & Jill Koidin, Nathan & Jacqueline Kono, Kate & Tom Kush, Yuen Kwan, Stephen Langlois & Sally Marrer, Jim LaTorre, Stephen Leonard, Becky & Mark Levin, Hilary Link, Valeria Lowe-Barehmi, Dr. Ivana Magovčević-Liebisch & Lars Liebisch, Glenda Mattes & Steve Corbin, Carla & Chris McCall, Bill McLaughlin & Christien Polos, Chelsey & Tim Miley, Marilyn Miller, Gordon & Charlotte Moore, Doug & Jeanine Murphy, Gretchen Nielsen, Joel Nosek, John Osthaus, Chrissie & Rich Parker, MD, Francis C. Parson, Jr., John Patterson & Michele Demarest, PEAK Event Services, Stephen C. Perry & Oliver Radford, Maurice Peter Joffe, Beth Pinals & Bill Jewett, Deb Polansky & Eric Putnoi, Port Lighting Systems, Suzanne Priebatsch, Rabb Family Foundations, Rafanelli Events, Michael & Debra Raizman, Rick Redmond, Reuben Reynolds, Sharon & Howard Rich, Malcolm & Mona Roberts, Mitchell & Jill Roberts, Bob & Gabriela Romanow, Carol Rose & Tom Harrington, Gordon & Barbara Russell, Jerusha Ryan & Paul McCarthy, Leonide Saad, Christine & Eric Savage, Wendi Scheier, Electa Sevier & Jos Nicholas, Sandra Shapiro & John Kirsch, Linda & Ashley Shih, Samuel & Gretchen Shubrooks, Elizabeth Sikorovsky, Dr. Michael & Brenda Silverman, Drs. Michael & Margaret Simon, Katherine & Nathaniel Sims, Samantha & David Singer, Sherri Snow, Lee & Lorraine Steele, Sarah Stephenson, Marylen Sternweiler, Dr. Lawrence Stifler & Mary McFadden, Mary Elisabeth Swerz & Robert S. Sherman, Amir Tadmor, Drew Thompson, In honor of Susie Thonis , Susan & Michael Thonis, Margien Tolson, Yukiko Ueno & Eran Egozy, Eric & Sarah Ward, Peter J. Wender, AJ Williams & John Henson, Joe & Leslie Williams, Martina & George Williams, Kevin Wilson & Jamie Macklin, Winston Flowers, Monika Wirtz, Ann & Jim Wu, Elizabeth Zachos, Mary Zanor, Tracy Zendzian, Janet & Ron Zwanziger

Support of the 2023 SHINE! Gala

  • supports Celebrity Series’ acclaimed Arts for All! Community programs, including our Neighborhood Arts program that provides vital employment opportunities for local Boston-based artists in communities that have been historically underserved by the arts;
  • encourages Celebrity Series’ ongoing efforts to center equity, diversity, and inclusion in our mission and invest in partnerships with diverse vendors, artists, and community partners;
  • underwrites Celebrity Series’ return to the live performance stage, which remains challenging even three years after the onset of the pandemic;
  • and ensures that Celebrity Series remains strong and resilient in our changed and ever-changing environment.

Non-Attending Donations and Paddle Bid Support

If you would like to support the SHINE! Gala with a non-attending donation, or a paddle bid in support of the evening's fundraising efforts, please click the below button.

Please reference Fidelity Charitable's Donor Advised Fund guidelines for charitable gala and fundraising events to understand restrictions on using your Donor Advised Funds to support the SHINE! Gala.


For more information, please contact

Anya Hess

Manager of Events and Donor Relations