A.I.M by Kyle Abraham

Dance company
Very few choreographers can move so adeptly between the elevated and the colloquial in a single phrase, from a pirouette to a fist bump with utter authenticity. But Kyle Abraham can. The New York-based choreographer’s linguistic versatility – absorbing elements of classical, contemporary, street and social dance – is matched by the thematic variety of his decade-or-so’s output, from exquisite collaborations with ballet companies (most recently the Royal Ballet’s The Weathering) to impactful dances of social commentary and activism with his own company A.I.M. - The Guardian
a male dancer stands alone on a dark stage, turned away from us toward two prone dancers and a moon-like illuminated circle

The mission of A.I.M by Kyle Abraham is to create a body of dance-based work that is galvanized by Black culture and history. The work, informed by and made in conjunction with artists across a range of disciplines, entwines a sensual and provocative vocabulary with a strong emphasis on music, text, video, and visual art. While grounded in choreographer Kyle Abraham’s artistic vision, A.I.M draws inspiration from a multitude of sources and movement styles. 

“As an artist born in the late 1970s, I’ve experienced a change in society that brings me hope. My choreography is a reflection of that hope, but also lives in the reality of my experiences and the cultural work that still needs to be done.” — Kyle Abraham, Artistic Director