Celebrity Series of Boston’s Concert For One produces thrilling, intimate free concerts in Boston this fall that join one listener with one local musician for 60 seconds.  Based on a concept by violist and New England Conservatory graduate Rayna Yun Chou, performances happen inside two temporary public art installations (featuring two specially outfitted shipping containers) and focus on making, hearing, and being moved by beautiful music, up-close and personal. By distilling live music to its most basic elements, and eliminating barriers to make it available to everyone, Celebrity Series brings unforgettable experiences to thousands of people.

Local musicians from a variety of genres, classical to jazz to world music, will be chosen for the project through an open application process announced this spring.

For more information or questions, please email Amanda Ice at ai@celebrityseries.org 
For information on sponsorship opportunities, please email Sarah Long Holland at slongholland@celebrityseries.org