The Celebrity Series’ mission to present world-class performing artists who inspire and enrich our community is dependent on the free flow of artists and ideas across borders. We have a long and vital tradition of presenting immigrant and international performers. Even in our first season, eighty-one years ago, nearly half of the artists were immigrants to the United States.  The 2017 Executive Orders limiting travel to the United States by people from largely Muslim-majority countries are a direct challenge to our ability to fulfill our mission.

With four nights of discovery, four nights of experimentation, four nights of thrilling and path-breaking music, this season’s Stave Sessions, entering its sixth season, is designed to amplify the message of the Kronos Quartet’s Music For Change - The Banned Countries, which features the music of composers from the seven banned nations of EO13769 and EO13780. The four evenings of Stave Sessions and the culminating concert by Kronos Quartet provide evidence of the contributions of international and immigrant musicians and of what we stand to lose in restricting their access to our nation.

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Stave Sessions and Kronos Quartet are sponsored by Susan & Michael Thonis and the Barr Foundation through its ArtsAmplified initiative.

Additional support by Michael & Debra Reizman, Yukiko Ueno & Eran Egozy, Randolph Hawthrone & Carliss Baldwin, and Marylen Sternweiler.