Castle of our Skins: Solo(s) Together: Daniel Bernard Roumain's Music for Black People and more

Arlington St Church

Rescheduled from 2021/22 

The past season’s Solo(s) Together commissioning project comes to a long-awaited conclusion with a concert featuring a Boston ensemble that's making news nationally and a widely acclaimed composer and musician with local ties.  

A quartet from Boston's Castle of our Skins artist collective – a group of artists of all kinds dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music – performs contemporary works to include Music for Black People, No. 1 “Relentless” for soprano, flute, cello, and piano by Daniel Bernard Roumain, with short solos for each performer and a conclusion that brings all the artists together.   

The program features small-ensemble works by Black composers from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries alongside the brand-new work by Roumain. Explore the beautiful range of expression in chamber works through the years and across musical styles! 

Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) is a prolific and endlessly collaborative composer, performer, educator, and social entrepreneur. “About as omnivorous as a contemporary artist gets” (The New York Times), DBR has worked with artists from Philip Glass to Bill T. Jones to Lady Gaga; appeared on NPR, American Idol, and ESPN; and has collaborated with the Sydney Opera House and the City of Burlington, Vermont. Acclaimed as a violinist and activist, DBR’s career spans more than two decades, earning commissions by venerable artists and institutions worldwide.  

This performance will also be available as a streaming concert premiering Sept 22, 2022 at 4pm.


Late seating will be allowed between pieces.

For voice, cello, and piano

For solo flute

For solo cello

For flute, cello, and piano.

Allegro molto e marcato
Adagio ma appassionato
Allegro molto

For voice, flute, cello, and piano

Composer’s note: 

"Music for Black People, No. 1, Relentless, is just that: music for people who are Black. If you’re not Black, you can, of course, still listen to this music but you might not hear it. If that offends you, you might ask yourself why. Power and peace to Black people!”

- Daniel Bernard Roumain


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This performance of Castle of our Skins is funded in part by the New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program and the six New England state arts agencies.

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