Charles Overton and Julian Loida: "Soul and Spark"

Harp and Vibraphone duo
Virtual Concert

A live artist Q&A will immediately follow the performance premiere.

It's an unlikely pairing of instruments -- a harp and a vibraphone -- but the extraordinary duo of Charles Overton and Julian Loida make it work so well. The two are frequent collaborators, and they weave their ethereal sounds together in music that crosses and combines styles: ambient, jazz, world, classical, and much more.

For this “Soul and Spark” performance, Neo-Impressionist harp & vibes duo pull from jazz, classical, and cinematic music as well as the trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic to share fresh compositions that uplift the soul and spark the imagination.

Julian Loida, Shimmer 
Julian Loida, 3AM 
Julian Loida, December Dream 
Charles Overton, Once More 
Julian Loida, Waves
Julian Loida, Azul Profunda
Julian Loida, Baby Blue 

The streaming concert takes place from Futura Productions in Roslindale. This concert is produced using studio-quality production elements such as HD cameras, multiple viewing angles, and lighting in the partner venues.


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