Caleb Teicher, tap dance
Conrad Tao, piano

BAA - Boston Arts Academy Theater

Counterpoint is the latest collaboration between pianist and composer Conrad Tao and choreographer and tap dancer Caleb Teicher, last seen together on the Series in More Forever (2020). In this dynamic duet performance, the artists engage in a mesmerizing dialogue of harmonic, theatrical, and rhythmic interplay, bridging their disparate traditions and creating a collective experience that fires the imagination and opens the heart. 

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, itself a union of styles, threads through the program’s other musical selections, including the Aria from Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Art Tatum’s otherwordly stride piano, Schoenberg’s ironic take on a Viennese waltz, and a delicate miniature from Tao’s score for More Forever

Through it all, Tao and Teicher will dazzle you with their virtuosity and audacity, and will surprise you with the magic they find in the dialogue between their art forms.  

“[Counterpoint] demands such a high level of presence and such a close attentiveness to one another….the interpretation is actually taking flight anew for every single show. ”

Conrad Tao to the San Diego Union-Tribune

Boston Arts Academy Theatre Information

The 2024/25 Dance Series is generously supported by
Leslie & Howard Appleby, Crescendo Donor Advised Fund, and Royal Little Family Foundation.

This performance is generously supported by
Eleanor & Frank Pao.

This performance is made possible in part by support from Celebrity Series' LIVE PERFORMANCE! Arts for All Innovation Funds.