Fabiola Méndez Sextet: Afrorriqueña  

Arlington St Church

Groundbreaking cuatro virtuoso Fabiola Méndez returns to the Series with her latest project: her sextet from her recent album, Afrorriqueña. The music pays tribute to the African influences in Puerto Rican culture, especially figures like the Jíbaro, farmers who were iconic symbols of traditional Puerto Rican country life and drove many populist political and artistic movements. 

Méndez and her band present songs inspired by poems from contemporary female Puerto Rican poets, and she hopes to inspire feelings of pride, beauty, and love for the African roots of Puerto Rican people and culture.  

“The Afro-Rican culture needs to be more visible and appreciated,” says Méndez, “Afrorriqueña is the first step towards doing that. It’s an honor to work with women poets I love and admire, joining forces to create beauty.” 

Before the band takes the stage, we present Negrura, a short film by Fabiola Méndez with interviews and stories from Afro-Latinx Bostonians. The film offers music as a means of connection and a source for self-reflection, support, and healing. Watch a versatile artist stretch into a new medium and learn more about essential cultural, social, and artistic context for what promises to be a breathtaking musical performance! 

Also available as a streaming performance premiering September 29, 2022 at 4pm.

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