Mnozil Brass, Cirque

NEC's Jordan Hall

Mnozil Brass has established itself as one of the world's premiere brass ensembles and has captivated audiences worldwide with their blend of extraordinary virtuosity and theatrical wit. Mnozil Brass take their name from the "Gasthaus Mnozil," a restaurant across the street from the Vienna Conservatory, where, in 1992, seven young brass musicians met and began playing at a monthly open-mic. Since then, the group has embraced repertoire for all ages and stages of life: from folk to classical to jazz to pop; all executed with the same fearlessness, immense technical skill, and typical Viennese "schmäh" (almost impossible to find an English translation, but best rendered as a kind of sarcastic charm!).

Prices, seating sections, and programs are subject to change.

Runtime: Approximately 2 hours with intermission.

“The members of Mnozil Brass do not talk during their show. They don’t need to. Their non-stop pace, comedic timing, and astounding playing had the audience simultaneously in stitches and rapt with attention for the full two-hour show.”
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