Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway 

Next Rodeo tour, Jobi Riccio opens
Berklee Performance Center

Molly Tuttle, praised for her "expressive, crystalline voice and astounding flat-picking guitar skills" (Rolling Stone Country), is a standout in roots music's new generation and the first woman to be named Guitar Player of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association.  

Tuttle and Golden Highway were awarded Best Bluegrass Album at the 2023 Grammy Awards for Crooked Tree. DC Concert Review praised the band’s chemistry and the special magic that they bring to a live performance: “Tuttle's studio albums are beautifully crafted recordings, but her live performances are where she and her band truly come to life, and they masterfully interact with one another and delight the audience in the process.”

Jobi Riccio is a Berklee college alumna who just released her first album, Whiplash (2023). She writes songs that meld classic country sounds from across the decades with modern sensibilities, turning tropes of the genre upside-down. Her recent songs incorporate sounds from indie rock and Americana, while still holding space for her love of all decades of country music. Riccio supports with a 20-25 minute set to open the show.

Don’t miss a note when Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway return to Berklee Performance Center for the first time as headliners, and Jobi Riccio returns to her alma mater! 

“Tuttle’s blazingly fast and incredibly meticulous playing put a shine on everything she performed. As a band leader, she gave a wide berth to the others, making room for spotlight solos and opportunities for the musicians to take off in pairs and engage in volleys. ”


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