Nebulous String Quartet
Musica sem Fronteiras

Multicultural Arts Center

Claudius Agrippa & Fabienne Jean, violins 

Noah Leong, viola 

Kely Pinheiro, cello. 

The Nebulous Quartet might have traditional string quartet instrumentation, but their sound is all their own. They create unique arrangements and beautiful original compositions that reflect the members’ distinct musical identities and the joyful spirit that brings them together.  

This young quartet, all recent Berklee alumni, create arrangements and original compositions from an improvisational and nebulous state. They take inspiration from their diverse backgrounds and musical identities. Their joy at creating and performing together will make this concert a unique and memorable experience that you’re going to enjoy! 

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This project is supported in part by the

This performance is made possible in part by support from Celebrity Series' LIVE PERFORMANCE! Arts for All Innovation Funds, with generous leadership support from Belinda Termeer.