SFJAZZ Collective

New Works Reflecting the Moment
Berklee Performance Center

The SFJAZZ Collective is a bonafide jazz supergroup, recently named “contemporary jazz’s premier all-star band” by the New York Times. As the band’s bio states, the Collective is a “leaderless group and a democratic composer’s workshop that represents what’s happening now in jazz.” It’s true in this moment more than ever, as the band will be presenting a brand-new touring project entitled “New Works Reflecting the Moment,” a collection of pieces written in response to the unparalleled social and global issues faced over the past year. 

It’s an exciting prospect, as every member of the band is not only a top ensemble player and an explosive improviser, but also one of contemporary jazz’s most inspired composers and arrangers. Confronting such challenging times through music might sound like a heavy proposition, but this world-class group always reminds us of jazz’s unerring ability to uplift and unite while evoking universal truths. Don’t miss this special performance by the West Coast’s finest.

Chris Potter tenor & soprano saxophones
David Sánchez tenor saxophone
Etienne Charles trumpet
Warren Wolf vibraphone
Edward Simon piano
Matt Brewer bass
Kendrick A.D. Scott drums
Gretchen Parlato vocals
Martin Luther McCoy vocals

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“Whatever it is, the SFJAZZ Collective idea really works where other all-star bands have failed. They’ve created a setting where the brilliance of every player comes through in harmony with the others.”


“By definition, SFJAZZ Collective is a show band. It projects high performance standards, as well as teamwork, promoting personal ambitions, as well as pan-cultural inclusion.”


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