Sheila del Bosque Quartet

Arlington St Church

It’s hard to sum up Cuban flutist, composer, conductor, and bandleader Sheila del Bosque's music in a few words. Building on a base of Afro-Cuban music with European classical and contemporary jazz elements, del Bosque draws inspiration from all aspects of Cuba, from the sun and sand to the passionate dances to the tiredness and nostalgia and everything in between.  

She says her music is “outgoing and intimate, it's stylized and simplistic, it's a cradle and it's tradition, it's everything I want it to be.” 

Del Bosque appears with her jazz quartet at Arlington Street Church as part of our series of concerts highlighting Latina Bandleaders, presented in collaboration with Ágora Cultural Architects.  

Also available as a streaming performance premiering May 4, 2023 at 4pm.

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