Sō Percussion, Drumming

Sanders Theatre

With innovative multi-genre original productions, sensational interpretations of modern classics, and an “exhilarating blend of precision and anarchy, rigor and bedlam” (The New Yorker), Sō Percussion has redefined the scope and vital role of the modern percussion ensemble. The group will perform Steve Reich’s early-1970s masterwork, Drumming. Inspired by the music of Ghana, Drumming is a powerful and hypnotic piece considered by many to be minimalism’s first masterpiece.


Prices, seating sections, and programs are subject to change.

“This group plays with an irresistible vitality.”

The Washington Post

“If percussionists are, as proclaimed elsewhere, the new princes of the realm of virtuosity, then these four young, steel-wristed, Brooklyn-based Yale graduates wear the crown with panache.”

The Financial Times