Solo(s) Together Showcase

All five Solo(s) Together commissions, together for the first time! 
Harvard-Epworth Unit - Harvard-Epworth United Methodi

Listen to all of the world premiere works created for the Solo(s) Together commissioning project, played together for the first time! 

This showcase brings together compositions by Valerie Coleman, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Nathalie Joachim, Paul Desenne, and Amir Bitran performed by student musicians from Boston’s top conservatories, including artists from Castle of our Skins’ intercollegiate program, and younger players from Boston String Academy. 

The Solo(s) Together compositions each take audiences on very different journeys in their compact running times. Valerie Coleman evokes Bostonian scenes, Amir Bitran looks at molecular goings-on inside the cell, Paul Desenne conjures the Paris of his student days, Daniel Bernard Roumain gives Black listeners a special musical gift, and Nathalie Joachim creates a playful puzzle for listener and players alike.  

Hear all these compositions in one place and celebrate the creativity of the project’s composers and the talents of Boston’s young musicians! 

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