Julian Lage Trio

Berklee Performance Center

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Despite his young age, Julian Lage is one of the most accomplished and prominent guitarists in modern jazz and improvised music. Anyone with even a passing interest in guitar should make sure to check him out, regardless of personal genre preferences, as he’s a complete virtuoso who plays, composes, and improvises with unfailing taste.

Lage’s return to Boston will follow the release of his Blue Note Records debut album, a wonderfully varied record that bolsters Lage’s reputation as not only a model practitioner of swinging jazz and blues, but also intimate solo pieces and allusions to early rock, Americana and country twang, and introspective indie and folk rock.

Members of the Trio:
Julian Lage - Guitar
Dave King – Drums
Jorge Roeder | Bass

“…his trademark melding of fleet precision, open-road possibility, and radiant self-assurance. If that sounds like a distinctly American set of qualities, so be it: Lage is a distinctly American sort of artist. His musical persona draws from the expansive jazz continuum (ragtime to bebop and beyond) as well as rustic folk music and the blues. ”


“Guitarist Julian Lage was born on Christmas Day 1987. There’s something so right about that; he does seem prodigiously blessed and gifted. His Wunderkind phase and his Gary Burton phase are now both long gone, he has an assured musical voice which is mature, articulate and individual.”

London Jazz News

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