Safety is our Top Priority

Our commitment to ensuring your comfort and safety extends from the moment you purchase your ticket until you leave the venue after the curtain call.

You can count on us to do three important things: to keep your safety and comfort top of mind, to be transparent about procedures and protocols, and to be timely about notifying you if anything were to change. Please see below for additional safety information as we work toward the day when we can gather safely again.

We will update this page throughout the summer as guidelines change. Please check back often!

Venue Safety

Celebrity Series will work only with venues that meet or exceed our standards for audience experience and will be vigilant on behalf of our audiences. 

It is likely that most venues we operate in this season will require audiences to wear masks inside and during performances. We support this and expect audiences to abide by host venues’ rules and standards. 

Stay tuned as we will provide links to venue websites for updates on individual outlet protocols and standards as they become available.

COVID-19 Ticketing Protocols

We aim to provide our audiences access to the clearest details possible about their ticket reservations and their expected experiences in the venue.

As we work toward a seamless and safe process to reserve tickets, here are a few things that you can count on:

  1. Seating capacity: The number of useable seats is set at the discretion of the venue, and may vary based on each Celebrity Series partner venue’s unique circumstances. Celebrity Series will not place on sale more tickets than have been confirmed to be available by our partner venues at the on-sale date; however, Celebrity Series reserves the right to open more tickets for sale as venues update capacity restrictions.
  2. Timely communications: Between the time of a ticket purchase and the performance date, it’s possible that state, municipal, or venue policies may change. At that time, we will proactively communicate with you about the change, and work with you to assess your own comfort levels in the venue.  
  3. Flexibility: We will allow refunds for subscribers who are uncomfortable with the venue seating plan or changes in safety protocol. For more detailed information on our ticketing policies, please visit

Staying Connected

Continual updates to this page and email communications will be our most efficient means of communication as we quickly adapt to changes in safety protocols.

We want to make sure you are receiving our emails. If you are a returning audience member, visit the My Account section of our website to make sure your email address and account information are up to date. If you are new to Celebrity Series, we invite you to create an account with us.

Our box office is available at if you have additional questions about your email communications.