Dreamers’ Circus (New Venue)

Longy's Pickman Hall

This performance was previously scheduled to take place in Jordan Hall. 

A new force in Nordic world music is the young Danish trio, Dreamers’ Circus. Contemporary and innovative in their approach, they draw inspiration from the deep traditions of folk music in the region and reshape them into something bright, shiny, and new. Their art embraces music from Denmark and Sweden as well as Iceland, Finland, and the far reaches of the windswept Faroe Islands. Dreamersʼ Circus are Nikolaj Busk on piano and accordion, Ale Carr on Nordic cittern, and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen also of the Danish String Quartet, on violin. The ensemble has won five prestigious Danish Music Awards and frequently collaborates with the Danish String Quartet and the Copenhagen Philharmonic.

Seating for this performance is limited.

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“It bristles with confidence, with nods to music as diverse as Danish folk and Erik Satie.”


“It was a luminous concert that spoke to all senses …”

GAFFA, Denmark

Longy's Pickman Hall

27 Garden Street, Cambridge

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