Neighborhood Arts Cello Quartet: "Global Inspirations"

Virtual Concert

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Featuring standout cellists from our Neighborhood Arts artist roster ensembles Soul Yatra Trio, Hub New Music, and Castle of our Skins, the members of the Neighborhood Arts Cello Quartet will pair music from J.S. Bach and tango master Astor Piazzolla with global folk-inspired originals drawn from Inca chant, West African music, Turkish music, and more.

The live streaming concert takes place from Futura Productions in Roslindale. 

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Mike Block, Soul Yatra Trio
Javier Caballero, Castle of our Skins
Jesse Christeson, Hub New Music
Francesca McNeeley, Castle of our Skins

Trad. Inca chant, Hanacpachap Cuissicini / Juan Arañés, A la vida bona  (Boston premiere) (arr. Mike Block) 
Neighborhood Arts Cello Quartet  

Félix Astol Artés, La Borinqueña (arr. Javier Caballero)(Boston premiere)
Javier Caballero 

J.S. Bach, Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1, (arr. Mike Block) reimagined for cello trio (Boston premiere) 
Jesse Christeson, Francesca McNeeley, Mike Block

Mark O’Connor, Appalachia Waltz 
Jesse Christeson 

J.S. Bach, Gigue from Cello Suite No. 1, for cello trio (arr. Mike Block) 
Francesca McNeeley, Javier Caballero, Mike Block 

Mike Block, When the Birds Sing Along in the Morning - a tribute to Pablo Casals (live premiere of duo arrangement)
Mike Block, Francesca McNeeley

Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, From Lamentations: Black/Folk Song Suite, for solo cello (1973)
II.  Song Form
 III. Calvary Ostinato 
Francesca McNeeley

J.S. Bach, Allemande from Cello Suite No. 1, for cello trio (arr. Mike Block)   
Jesse Christeson, Javier Caballero, Mike Block

Ali Ufki Bey, Nikriz Pesrev  (Turkish melody) (arr. Mike Block)  

Ástor Piazzolla, La Muerte del Angel (arr. Blaise Déjardin) 

Mike Block, Iniche Cosebe (inspired by West African music) 

Neighborhood Arts Cello Quartet 

This concert is produced using studio-quality production elements such as HD cameras, multiple viewing angles, and lighting in the partner venues.

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